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Name:Joanna Beth "Jo" Harvelle
Birthdate:Apr 7, 1985
Website:My LiveJournal for Jo.
Jo Harvelle

Warning: spoilers in the links as well as my headcanon.

No seriously, there are spoilers here.

Also, I can ship her with everyone (both het and slash), but I prefer het. IC-wise, she loves Dean. I can't help it, it's canon. I love that pairing, but to be completely honest, my OTP is Sam/Jo. Just saying.

That doesn't mean I'm gonna have her jump into shippy stuff ASAP. That's kind of annoying. Unless it's a meme. 'Cause then, you know, it's a meme. Even with my OTP, I want her to build up to it. I love CR, what can I say?

Headcanon: (I still need to work out the kinks, but I think this generally describes what my headcanon for Jo is.)

An unknown force- an angel, a demon?- raised her. Since then, all she has been doing is hunting and interrogating, trying to find who or what did it and why.

She remembers being dead. She remembers dying. She remembers being brought back by Osiris and being forced to kill Dean, and the relief she felt when she was released.

She has a giant scar where the hellhounds attacked. When she was raised, her clothes still had fresh blood, but all scars were healed. Because of this, she has recurring nightmares- reliving her last moments before she died.

Jo spent the better half of a year searching for her mother- if she herself had returned, then maybe Ellen had come back too? After a fruitless search, she finally hired a psychic- who was afraid of her...she wasn't supposed to have an Earthly form. The psychic relayed the message from her mother that she was still in Heaven, and recommended to "stop pussyfooting' around it, and find the boys."

She swallowed her pride, and began the search for Sam and Dean Winchester.


This Jo is a little more tough, a little more experienced, a little more broken...

...and out to kill the unknown son of a bitch that brought her back- even if it means dying all over again.

Note: My idea is that it is a soul-eater working with a renegade angel who is raising those with strong souls so the eater can hunt them.

Disclaimer: this journal is for rp purposes only. I don't own Supernatural or Jo, or Alona Tal for that matter. They all belong to their respective sources.

**Mun and Muse are 21+**

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